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Suicide Prevention Resources



 It is said that Dr. Kevorkian assisted in several suicides of people that had Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. The first one was on August 15, 1996, but just because Dr. Kevorkian is not assisting in this any longer and we are not hearing about this in the news every day does not mean that it is not happening. It just means that it is being pushed under the rug deeper and deeper. There are literally no statistics being taken on suicides for fibromyalgia sufferers any more, but "when one of ours" can no longer take the pain of the illness any longer, it is labeled as an "opioid overdose" or whatever the local medical examiner decides to use that day. The whispers are heard throughout the community. The family is riddled with the guilt of the "we should have's" or the "we could have's".  The truth be told, they couldn't have done anything honestly. No one knows the pain of an FM/CFS sufferer except another sufferer.  There is one way to end the suicides though. STOP THE STIGMAS. Stop making the pain sufferer feel like they are drug seekers when in actuality they are "PAIN RELIEF SEEKERS!" The doctors should be able to prescribe the medications to the chronic pain patients that need them. We all know that FM is never just FM. It is accompanied by another c-pain illness. So in the fight to stop the FM suicides that are not recorded as such, I start this NOT ONE MORE campaign to stop the stigma and allow those who need PAIN RELIEF to get treated with dignity and respect!

Below are links to the Suicide Prevention Resources that I would like for everyone to share with anyone that may need it. 


National Suicide Prevention Lifeline



Text "HELP" to 741741

 or go to Yellow Ribbon at



They have a "Chat Now" button that is available, and an email contact button. They have resources on their website that may be able to assist you on your journey to healing. Here is the link.



Blue October - Fear