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Leadership Development 

If you are interested in taking this course, please connect with Debbie Nunez by calling or connecting on Facebook. 

*This course is open to those wanting to start a support group and need guidance to get started.*


The campaign is assisting those that have been discredited of their pain & robbed of  dignity, while seeking medical assistance or treatment due to their extreme pain.

This may come in many forms:

  • Eye rolls 

  • Whispers 

  • Statements by people saying "You can't possibly be in that much pain, or You're too young to be in that much pain."   

  • Accusations that you're faking 

  • Accusations that you are a drug seeker

And the list goes on and on...

How do we stop this?

It may take a REALLY long time to completely stop the discrimination that has been put upon the C-Pain community, but we have to start somewhere and it can begin with YOU! 

  • Help us with our research by allowing us to hear your story - you are allowed to remain anonymous.

  • Education of ALL persons that treat chronic pain patients. 

    • Including but not limited to all medical and holistic providers

    • All public service and civil service servants

    • Government officials and all staff

Help us grow the campaign! We could use help in the following areas:

  1. Volunteers (help creating ribbons, key chains, shirts, stickers, etc.)

  2. Donations (help keep the office and campaign running!)

  3. Sponsorship from businesses and individuals. (All sizes of sponsorships will be accepted. Call the office for more information)

  4. Administrative (Office help is needed on a volunteer and part time basis also from your own home.)

For more information email us at: endpainshame@gmail.com or call the office at 331-901-0690.

Patient to Provider Advocacy

We are working on bringing Board Certified Patient Advocates to our organization.

Right now this is a project in the works. Please check back or watch our Facebook page for more up to date details!