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Pain Shame Definition - By Debbie Nunez

The intense feeling of knowing you need medical attention for your pain, but your past experiences with emergency departments or other urgent care facilities have rendered you feeling too ashamed or unworthy of the medical attention   you desperately require. Instead you suffer in silence, in isolation from family, friends, and caregivers; all the while, not bringing any change to your pain or finding any positive support.

Inspired through teachings by Brene Brown


In the beginning we found stories...

  • In our support groups... 

  • Other online community groups

  • Working with the

       Chicagoland Providersto end it!

(For more information on what all has been completed, contact the office at 331-901-0690)​

                                   With your donation we will be able to do the following:

1. Hold events within the community to raise awareness.

2. Continue to collect data for research. 

3. Create a safe environment for those effected by pain shame to express themselves.


We are looking for Investors, Donors, and Sponsors to fund our research the rest of the way. Please contact click the Donate Now button or call the office for more information.

Pain Shame has led to the following behaviors:

  • Self medicating

  • Over medicating

  • Isolating

  • Street Drug Use

  • Suicides

Peoria Event 8/31/19


Nick Sperry - Volunteer Video Editor

 DePaul Graduate - Is available for hire 

For more info about Nick email us at

chicagolandfmcp@ gmail.com

or find him on LinkedIn.

SSI/SSDI information with Atty Jeff Rabin!

Also our event in Peoria from August.

Donate to our cause 

ALL  donation sizes are welcome but here is how your dollars go to work:

$20 will help someone in crisis or with an Rx

$50 will help us rent a space for our meetups 

$100 will help us with our administrative & marketing needs

$250 will help us to bring education to everyone interested

$500 will help us with our research program

$1000 will help someone become a certified patient advocate

For a donation of $5 or $7 you will receive

one of our handmade ribbons.

ALL donations are tax-deductible  



Welcome to Chicagoland Fibromyalgia

& Chronic Pain Organization

Here you will find: 


Support on your journey - Support groups have formed and currently running!

Guidance to resources - Looking for a new health care provider? Call 331-901-0690 for help

Answers to your questions - Check out our Fibromyalgia Info Page & join one of our groups

How you can stop pain shaming - Telling your story makes it hard for shame to remain.

      Mission Statement

Vision Statement

Sometimes in life, we are given pain we didn't want.

It is in that pain we begin to learn things about ourselves we were unaware of. 

During that learning, we may even find our purpose...

-Debbie Nunez


Bringing together the Fibromyalgia & Chronic Pain community through means of service, events, education, and research, while eliminating pain-shame, restoring dignity and impacting the current public crisis.

To bring hope and dignity back to the Fibromyalgia & Chronic Pain community through means of research, education and outreach in multiple medical professional and personal services.

Words of Encouragement

If you are experiencing a crisis please call

The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

Call 1-800-273-8255

Available 24 hours every day

online chat available at: